Sunday, September 14, 2008

Days 24 - 26... what a blur!

I haven't been home and awake long enough to actually blog about anything.

Day 24 ( Thursday):
I volunteered at our local farmers' market and met with the market master to arrange a strategic session for up Harvet Festival, which is only a few weeks away ( and we have a LOT of planning to do!! ).
I also weeded out some things from the gift cupboard stash to donate. Some will go to Toys For tots, some to a local crisis shelter and some will be shipped to a friend who won't have the money to do a Christmas for her children without missing a house payment or something of that nature. ( they already do home made gifts for most of the family, but the kids are little and still want toys and things to open up ).

Day 25 ( Friday ):
Dropped off some of said donation items, and spent some time listening to a 'work friend' who confides in me when things raen't going well. I'm a few months difefrent in age from her own daughter, and since moving to Washington state, their line of communication has been strained. So I have been adpoted as a fill in of sorts, which is okay by me. She's a sweet woman, and everyone needs someone.

Before the chat pit stop I swung by a local craft supply outlet store and picked up a few things for the boys' former preschool. The Kid Crafts department was 50% off, so I spent only a few dollars and purchased enough supplies that at least two classrooms will be able to enjoy them.

Got things ready and wanted to have myself in order when I got up in the morning. Didn't quite work out the way I planned, but that's how details seem to go with stuff like this.

Day 26 ( Saturday ):
Got up and got ready for the baby shower while Chris went to get his hair cut. Apparently he felt the need to only half listen and translated "on the road no later than 10:30" to "I have until 10:30 to get my hair cut and then drive home".
So I was almost forty five minutes late departing for set up ( and THEN got nailed in traffic because of flooding and construction ) and still needed to make a pit stop because in my rush to load and leave, I forgot something that I needed to bring.
Thankfully my original departure time was allocating for an extra errand, so in the end, I was only about twenty minutes late for set up.

It was all worth it in the end, because the mother to be was thrilled with how things turned out.

Ended up staying there a lot later than I had originally planned to, and was cranky about that, so I feel like the whole give was soured by my bad attitude.
I was gracious and social at the shower but I grumbled all the way there and all the way home.

I spent some time talking with a friend of the mother to be. I had only met her one time before and it was under tense circumstances and not a good day for me. But we found that we had a common interest as angry parents with children who are getting a runaround because our Autistic sons don't get the support they need from the Michigan school systems.

Michigan doesn't have much for an Autism network, and I think that Jill and I will be talking more and info sharing. We'd both like to see a strong network start up here, and we're both angry enough, and fed up with how the system works.

She slid politics into it, on the other side of the fence from where I stand, and I'm now kicking myself for discarding her email info ages ago, because the links that I have would probably be enough to persuade her to come on over to the other team ( I find that the older I get, the less I like the Republican party's options. I agree with some of their values, but the people who represent them tend to be morons, in my opinion ).

So I'll be making a point to contact Jill this week, via our mutual friend, and go from there.

I went to bed feeling like I need to so something big this week. We shall see what Fate holds in store for me.
Sunday is still getting started for me... I'll do my best to blog again later this evening.