Saturday, September 6, 2008

Days 18 and 19

The past two days have gone by in a whirlwind.

One of the posts that I made on Thursday came to fruition yesterday. Someone on Craigslist who was simply seeking companionship, but asking in the form of info seeking.
Oddly enough, we seem to have hit it off rather well.

Day 18:

Fridays are my half days and instead of ignoring the phone after I got home ( as tempting as it was ), I took a call from my co-worker, Jane and walked her through a situation that she would not have otherwise been able to handle.

Backing up a little bit. I gave kindness and showed gratitude to a neighbor.

As I was waiting at the bus stop to pick up my boys, a gentleman stopped in a rather awkward ( and potentially troublesome as I thought it would be here the bus came to a halt within mere minutes ) location, got out and pulled down a yard sale sign from the nearby telephone pole.

I live near a 't' stop, and the highway feeds off a couple hundred feet away.
Thus, people use that pole as their own advertising space.

Those of us who reside near said pole end up having to either look at the soggy, faded signs, or take them down ourselves... or clean them up when the wind blows them all over the adjacent lawns or into the street.
So we spend a lot of time in the summer, grumbling about the careless disregard of others.

In four years in the this, yesterday was the FIRST time I'd ever seen anyone take care of their signs.

I thanked him for being so courteous to his pseudo neighbors ( the address on the sign is down the hill from mine ). His response: 'it never occured to me to not take them down. That's just gross."

He looked just as pleased to be thanked for his small gesture as I was to see it happen.

Next time I make cookies, I'll be sure to bring some down there. His wife looks very friendly, and they keep a lovely yard... making connections is always a bonus.

Marie phoned, asking if I'd come shopping with her, in search of a birthday gift ( bought in a rush, as his b-day is today ) for her significant other, Brad. I'd planned to make some cards and get some sewing caught up, but I laid it aside and spent the evening perusing the DVDs at Barnes & Noble ( and I leant her my member discount towards to massive purchase ), stopped at Michael's, and on the way home splurged on what I refer to as junk dinner.

Instead of fries, however, I picked up yogurt parfaits for the kids. They were beyond thrilled - you'd have thought I gave them whipped gold, as excited as they were.It pleases me when they opt for the healthy choices over junk food, and they still view things like yogurt and string cheese as "treats". A win - win situation.

Although I wanted nothing more than to shower and pass out in the comfort of my own bed, I curled up on the couch and dozed while Chris took in a movie. Couch snuggling is something that we've done for years. Some people fidget and fight for space, whereas we have found ways to twist and contort that amaze the onlooker and are very comfortable for us. ( unless his toes are cold. then we have issues )

Day 19 ( today ):

I let Chris sleep in and got up, started the massive pile of dishes ( we don't have a dishwasher and I loathe the chore ), made coffee and brought him breakfast in bed.

I then stayed in bed with him for a while ( he's too snuggly to resist and the bed was sooo warm..... ) and we got up and went about our day.

We had a bit of good fortune fall into our lap in the past twenty four hours, so I felt that I needed to allow the family to enjoy some of it, even though it should've all gone into the bill pool.

A Dollar Bank reimbursement came through that we didn't expect to get, and I received a check from the school district for the two days of training that I did back in July ( I didn't think I'd get paid until November, once we'd completed the program that I did said training for ). Between the two, it brought an extra $406 into the bank account.

The reward: Chris took Iain to see the new Star Wars animated film and he managed to talk me into Mexican for dinner ( he was sulking over his 'other' favorite local restuarant burning to the ground last night... both of his favorites have gone under, under very unfortunate circumstances in the past two years ).

And now we'll be headed to the shower and off to read before passing out ( tomorrow is pancake day so I have to get out of bed long before he does ).

I know that I am missing something, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it is.... blame it on lack of sleep.

Good night all... pleasant dreams.