Monday, September 1, 2008

Days 13 and 14

Day 13:
Yesterday's give was to walk away from the confines of everyday life ( and this computer... it causes some grief in our house some days ) and just spend the day with my family.
We ( along with my near sister in law, her daughter and my niece ) spent most of the day at Millennium Park.
The kids had a blast in the splash pad, and it gave me an opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sushine without turning into a giant freckled lobster.

I wrapped up the day accompanying my friend Marie to have her computer serviced. Both she and the fella who volunteered his time in exchange for Guinness ( MUCH cheaper than hiring the Geek Squad! And for more entertaining ) wanted me to tag along, and though it goes against my Sunday Rule, I figured 'what the heck' and five hours later.... it was still broken.
But the conversation was light for the most part, and company was good, so it was worth it.

Day 14:
I uploaded photos and paid the insane One Hour Photo rate to work on the kids' pen pal project. I'm still not quite finished, but I'll wrap that up while Jennah is at school tomorrow.
The whole process is become rather taxing and more expensive than I planned ( but that's partly my own fault for procrastinating on uploading pictures ) but Jennah's having a blast assembling her book, and the boys think it's fun to draw accompanying photos.

It'll be a wonderful gift to the pen pals when finished... hopefully they'll be in the mail before Wednesday afternoon.

I've also spent more time today scouting for needs. Thus far I haven't been successful, but I am not giving up until I find at least one person to connect with and offer up goodies ( and hopefully get a response ).

I have spent some time mulling over the coupon book for the school.
It's due tomorrow, and for now I feel like I need to refrain from taking on any extras, especially anything really time consuming.
I filled out my four, and made sure that they were spots that don't get filled easily ( like donating soda products or cookies - we always get a surplus ), but for now, that's all I am going to do.
I know that the marketing position will take a lot of my time on a nearly weekly basis from now until the end of April, so I think that makes up for anything I didn't try to tackle.

For now I'm going to go finish the BTS Checklist and make sure that Jennah hs everything ready to go for tomorrow morning.