Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Overdue Update

With the coming of Christmas, the days seem to slip away. That, and I tend to subconsciously assume that the whole world uses Facebook.

Now that the' holidaze' is over and life has resumed some sense of normalcy, it's onward and upward!

Where to begin....

Those moments where you want to knock on doors and say "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"..? Yeah. I had one of those a couple of weeks ago.
Braeden has been seeing a godsend of a psychiatrist. First person I've dealt with that actually agrees with me regarding a diagnosis for my son (probably why I think he's swell).
ADHD will soon be wiped from the books - or at least from my kid's cumulative files for school.

After spinning wheels for one kid, only to start the process for another in an entirely different way, it feels nice to be making some headway.
I am not pleased about an Autism diagnosis on yet another child, but after taking off the blinders and actually looking at my son and his quirks, it makes sense.

As I said, onward and upward.

Weddings, life changes and planning... oh my!

Much to share in the weeks to come... and lots of photos to accompany.


...anyone have any to spare?

I really should use this more often.