Monday, September 8, 2008

Days 20 and 21

Somehow it seems to work better to post two days at once.

Day 20:
Remember when I said that I had a gut feeling that signing up for extras in the Frost coupon book wasn't a good idea?

Yeah, well, now I know why.

I received a message from Pam, our principal yesterday, asking me to represent our school at part of the District Parent Advisory Council.
It's a time consuming project. Three hours a hight, one day a month for eight months ( seven meetings w/December off ).

After talking it over with Chris, I consented. They're providing child care, so even if Chris has a class, I'm covered.
There's no reason for me to say no.

The first meeting conflicts with Grade Level Night, but Chris can handle it. He needs to get brought up to speed anyhow.

So it's an ongoing give of sorts... to my kids, to their school and to the district families as a whole. I am an educated loudmouth who does her homework. For some reason, people listen when I speak, and somehow I manage to make an impact in a positive way.

Hopefully this round goes better than the last one... I tried it the first year and was very disappointed. Not enough people with a proactive agenda and too many people with an axe to grind over issues in their own school(s).

If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem, and quite frankly, there are too many problems out there and not enough solutions.

Day 21:
I've been mulling over a few gives of late and I decided that it was time to do this.

My blog readers, across three sites, peruse what I do and what kind of impact the 29 Gifts project has had on my life. It's time that I seek out others who I think - know - will benefit from this.
I'd be lying to myself if I thought that everyone could do it. Or rather, that everyone would do it.
So I'm sending emails ( or MySpace messages ) to a handful of folks who have the kind of generous spirit that would be drawn to something like this, and to some people who may be skeptical and reading this, but I know will benefit on a spiritual and emotional level from participating.
Will they do it? I cannot say. But it won't stop me from trying.