Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who has time to blog?

Try as I might, I just don't get over here and post as often as I'd like to.

Lately, this has become my mantra:

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

It's no wonder that it's one of my favorite quotes... it isn't simply because of my admiration of the late John Lennon, but because it so absolutely and utterly applies!

However, in spite of the hectic pace at which I seem to constantly clip, we sent things to a halt last weekend and just did nothing.

And it felt WONDERFUL.

Friday evening I meandered. I need to upgrade my office casual attire ( it's all so dark, which while fine with me, gets awfully warm when you do about 80% of your presentations outdoors or in stuffy auditoriums sans central air ) , so I poked about, here are there, found a couple of things that were in my budget ( ie: cheap! ) and came home happy.

Saturday we resolved to

1. sleep in
2. not get dressed
3. do nothing.

And so we made it a no pants day. Everyone hung out in their pjs, the kids watched tv, snacked and played upstairs while Chris and I worked on our own craft projects. He on Star Wars and I on cards for SplitcoastStampers. ( one of the results being the image you see above )

We did get dressed... eventually as Jason was coming by... which was okay because he brought over a pre-street copy of In Bruges which I'd been dying to see since the preview trailer shown at the beginning of Sweeney Todd.

( To sit through two hours of Colin Farrell I'll put on pants without a fight. Aye, indeed. )

However, I digress.

During the making of the Tinkerbella card, two things occured to me.

a. I don't think I really much care for Bellas, as cute as they are ( gasp! ). They're a very limited object, and I prefer more stylized art. Something I can watercolor or pencil in, and the images just don't allow much wiggle room for that.

Maybe they'll grow on me, and because I've already invested in them, I owe it to myself to try. We'll see what happens next.

b. I am by no means, a complex card maker.
So many people spend hours and hours cutting layers, piecing things together and making mock ups to achieve that 'perfect' card.
I very much admire the effort demonstrated in such things, but that's not my modis operandi.
I prefer to keep it simple and elegant, or lightweight in apperance.

Will it ever win me the interest of fellow SCSers who aspire to be the next Beate, Linda or Michelle? Nope.

But I'm good with that.

Another something that occured to me today, as I stared blanky at the racks of paper in Hobby Lobby, is that I've been way overthinking my projects.
If I work off the cuff and just make what I like, things tend to come out better - or at the very least, make me happier.

Everything else about my life is so complex. I figure it's only fair to keep my hobby nice and simple.

When it stops being fun and starts becoming work, I'll pack it all up and sell the whole mess, and return to occasionally scrapbooking purely for archival purposes, and I could feel myself heading down that road.

No more.

That being said, I will chuck another load into the washer and take advantage of the fact that the boys are sound asleep... and finish making the last set of cards for the Bella swap.