Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

In a week full of stress, chaos and sickness, I need to take a moment and pause to reflect on some of my guilty pleasures.

A couple of them might surprise most of the folks who know me.

1. I am a Gleek.
In high school, I wanted very badly to be part of the glee club. Sadly I can't carry a tune for squat, so I was resigned to being an avid appreciator and supporter.
From the first episode I was drawn in to the plot and had fallen in love with the music.
You will note that my Playlist has been altered to include some tracks from Glee - including one by Lady Gaga, who I loathe. (Apparently I just really dislike her voice, because her songs with someone else singing them, are really good!)

Because I just love this stuff... well, if you don't watch, maybe you'll decide to check it out after viewing these!

2. I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!
I am positively addicted to that show much the way that some folks are fastened to the tv when American Idol comes on.
This season, my favorite is Alex. He's just wonderful... and to prove it I am subjecting you all to a video clip of last night's performance.
When looking at it you will see that the choreography is impressive, but as you are viewing, keep in mind that this kid is classically trained member of the Miami Ballet (as his narrative explains). His skills just blow my mind. (you can stop it after the routine ends if you are not a SYTYCD viewer... it's just lots of praise and love for the skillz)

3. Chick pop.
Orianthi. Kelly Clarkson. Katy Perry.... Lily Allen.... NOT Lady Gaga.
Catchy tunes, sung by girls. Sometimes it's a solo artist ( which is usually the case) and sometimes it's a band, but it's always entertaining to me.
I love it when I'm alone in the car and have an opportunity to turn the radio up very loudly and sing along in what is probably off key to anyone else who can hear it. A rather liberating feeling.

4. Chocolate and peanut butter.
Two great tastes that are PERFECT together.
Be it in a Reese's form, one of the multitude of mixable options at Coldstone, my all time favorite chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt or just dunking a Hershey bar straight into the peanut butter jar, I am all about the fix. Probably more so than I should be, as my waist line and borderline diabetic blood sugar levels would indicate.

5. Martha, Martha, Martha!
It's no secret. I have something of a deranged crush on Martha Stewart. I'd love to hire her to make over my house and organize my life.. or just follow her around and absorb the endless bits of data and hope that some of her creativity rubs off onto me.
Some people think she's a drunk and a bitch. I say that genius often comes in unique packaging.

Now that I have bared my soul for all the world (all twenty or so who lurk here now and then) to see, I will leave you with the hope that I will actually upload some of the project photos soon.