Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Days 22 and 23

It's been a very cranky couple of days... I'm not feeling much like giving anything beyond a limited display of partience towards other people.

That being said...

Day 22:
I spent most of the day on chores and I set to work on a baby shower gift for my friend, Sue ( the same one that I made the centerpieces for ).I hadn't made a diaper cake in a while.... I'd forgotten how easy - and fun - it is.
It's simple, but I think it'll match the rest of the decorations.

I didn't get as much done as I should have because I stopped what I was doing and sat on the floor to play Magnetix with my boys.

Day 23:
Most of the day was spent at work. I did however, end up volunteering to assist with a fundraiser project that isn't even remotely part of my job ( thus, all of the hours I have to put into it translate into unpaid shifts ).
But it'll help save a grant that needs to stay afloat for our organization to avoid being spanked with a ten thousand dollar repayment, so it's a worthwhile endeavor.

From there it was hit the ground running at home... I made sure to beat Chris home from work so that my father in law wasn't waiting in the truck until the East Beltline traffic disaster decided to release my husband from its tyrannical clutches.

I spent a great deal longer that usual working with Jennah on her math homework, and amazingly, I didn't bark until we hit the one hour mark and she was still dragging her feet. Dealing with her degree of stubborn can be rather challenging sometimes... she is very much her mother's child.
I finished the diaper cake, and rewinding back to earlier in the day, I offered up the remaining pack of diapers to an officer that I know via work whose wife is due to deliver a baby any day now. Could've posted them on Craigslist, but contrary to the popular belief, cops don't make *that* much money.Plus he's a really, really nice guy. I said, it hasn't been a very give filled couple of days, but what I did manage to do took a lot of effort.
Chalk it up to horomones, I suppose. Stupid ovarian failure and all that. Grrrr.
I'm gonna head to bed before I take me rage out on a bag of Oreos and undo some of my dieting effort.
Good night, all.