Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wrapping up round 2 ( days 27 - 29 )

Thursday and Friday were all about the flea market.
I did last minute marketing, baking and spent several hours on overall assmebly that were not originally on my agenda, but the coordinator was left in the lurch, and without Chris and I lending a hand, she'd have been sunk ( one person cannot assemble an entire event alone ).

Add in working on our quarterly reports, and it was a busy thirty six hour run.

Most of the time that I spent on the project was my time, not on the clock.
But I didn't want to leave my co-worker in the lurch... it wasn't fair to stick her with 90% of the work just because our boss couldn't be bothered to deal with this.

But I digress a bit.
When I got to the school on Friday, I stopped in the office to give Cara the Breast Cancer Awareness / support bag that I made for her.

I got a hug!! Yay!

Cara is not a physical contact person. She's a very reserved but sweet gal. But in spite of this, I think that the whole teary eyed display that she made... well, I'm not usually a huggy person, either ( unless I'm drunk. Then watch out! ), but it made my day.
Finished and delivered just in time for it to be utililized at the BCA walk this weekend.

The first half of Saturday was spent at the flea market.
We did make a little bit of money, which was a bonus, but it alos turned out to be an opportunity to give. I expected my husband to flinch and gripe, but he just shugged and verbalized what I felt about the issue - the folks that we interacted with and sent home clothing and other things needed those things a lot more than we needed the money.

I saw parents there who I know from events, but I don't see day to day in the building, and people who I knew from way back when that didn't even realize were parents in the school ( I don't have any interaction with the middle school side of the building ), which was kind of fun.

In the end, we came home with four empty totes, and a feeling of accomplishment.
The hope for the day was to make about $30 more than we did, and we probably could have if we'd stopped giving things away and actually charged what we put on the price tags ( which wasn't very much to begin with - I'm a stickler about that. I hate the idea of ripping people off ), but it felt better to do it the way that we did.
It just means that new boots for Chris for the winter have to wait two more weeks.
So be it.

Wrapping up the evening was a bit of R'n'R for us. We met some friends for dinner. Probably shouldn't have, due to our budget being pretty tight right now, but getting together with this couple takes month of planning most of the time. Cancelling would've meant not seeing them as a couple until Christmas.
We came home, brough the sitter home, and I resolved not got get out of bed in the morning until I was done sleeping.
I usually force myself to get up and function, just to make breakfast and do some laundry.
Not today. However, it meant that breakfast was more like a late lunch ( thank heaven my daughter can manage pop tarts in a pinch! ), because it was after noon when I finally crawled out from under my blankets.
Running on four to five hours of sleep per night, all week long, caught up with me, and I crashed. Hard. I guess I needed it, though, because I don't usually sleep that long, even when I'm sick.

This sort of lumps Thursday, Friday and Saturday together, but that is truly how they were.
Lumped together and in constant motion....and now I am headed back to bed, because in spite of my super nap, my body's clock says that it's sleepy time.

I'm taking a break for a week or so before I start round three. I know that I won't have time to blog all week, and I'd hate to only half commit to the project.