Sunday, October 12, 2008

Round 2, Days 17 - 23

It's been a week already. Another week of not sitting still. Heck, for nearly 48 hours I didn't even have access to a computer or anything that remotely resembled internet to post if I'd wanted to.
Lets see if I can summarize my week, day by day, without this getting too lengthy.

helped a neighbor move some furniture and trimmed bushes for the senior across the street.

Worked on treat bags for the kids to bring to school for Halloween.
Had a meeting that I couldn't miss that conflicted with a something that Chris could miss, but didn't want to. Mine didn't have kid accomodations but his was "no kids" period, so they came with me, and I wrangled dinner for everyone before Chris even got home.
Trying to facilitate a meeting with three kids in tow isn't easy, but we managed, and Chris was grateful for the time away, plus he got to see some work friends who he hadn't bumped into since leaving his last conractor.

Took a trunk full of donations to the women and children's outreach center in my downtown community.
Made some holiday cards that I'll be taking to the senior apartment complex that my Aunt lives in, for the residents to use, because many of them cannot afford the extras like sending cards to family and friends at Christmas.

Was supposed to be my day off. Ha!
I had a market test at a facility that was minutes away from Chris's job site... which is also just a few minutes away from a Krispy Kreme.
Chris's absolute favorites are their original glazed donuts, so I picked up some and put them on the front seat of the car, making sure to lock the doors ( so that the watching and darn near salvating nearby fellas in hard hats didn't swipe the snacks ), and send him a text, telling him to check the car at lunch, simply saying that I left something there for him.

When I got home, I phoned a friend and chatted with her as I was prepping for a something that was later in the evening.
As we were talking, she said that due to an unforseen issue, she and her husband would be only bringing food from home and eating in their suite for their weekend in Vegas.
The trip wasn't a vacation to being with ( wedding ) and they were incurring expnses due a mooching family member.
So I did some online research and sent her some cash to get dinner, via Pay Pal.
Wouldn't cover the most expensive buffets on the strip, but it was enough that after Pay Pal deducted their fees, she and her husband would be able to duck out and grab dinner, without having enough funds left over to have to pay for the mooching family member, too ( thus, and automatic excuse to get out of her food bill, AND to get some alone time ).

My friend would NEVER, EVER, EVER dream of asking me for even a loan for such a thing ( we discuss bills and stuff, and she's just NOT a mooch anyhow ), and I was worried that she'd be upset when I did it ( I didn't tell her - she found out when after we'd hung up and she'd ran some errands, there was a funds payment email from PayPal. Had I warned her she'd have adamantly refused ), but she got over it, and promised to go out for a couple of hours and have a little fun.

Was a blur. Worked in the morning, took a couple of hours off in the afternoon to chaperone and drive for a field trip to a pumpkin patch / orchard with the boys.

Before I departed for all of that, I was talking to Marie ( for those who read this and do not know her, she's been my best friend since we were kids ) and she mentioned that her mom would need to call in sick and a day's pay to tag along with her to Ohio for the weekend.

Marie's daughter is part of the rowing crew at her high school, and they had a meet, roughly five hours from home in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.
Marie's health isn't good... she has DVT and a slew of connected issues and has been having problems with her counts ( blood ) so she cannot be left along right now... so going without a car buddy was NOT an option.
So I talked to Ward, and in spite of an arguement ensuing from the trip, I went, and it ended up being a give for both of us. Lots of time in the car, but we've road tripped so many times that we just travel well together.
Took TONS of photos, and I love her kid like she was my own, so seeing her out there on the water was pretty darn cool.
We drove out on Friday evening, did the event on Satuday, plus drove around Columbus in between races, and had a great time.

Chris headed north to go sight in his rifle and walk the land where they planned to hunt, and I'll be spending the day "playing Ward".
It was in the plans for the weekend before I added Ohio into the mix. I get to cook, clean, fix, and run errands and do "Ward stuff" that I told him I'd cover so that he'd have the free time to get up there and do this today.
It doesn't sound like much, but if you saw the mess in my dining room and living room, you'd think otherwise. I have at least three hours worth of my own mandatory crud to get done around hadling his chores, too. PLUS the unpacking and extra laundry from the weekend.

Speaking of... I'd better get to it!I'll try to be better about posting in the coming week... life can slow down, just a little, any day now!!!