Saturday, October 4, 2008

Days 11 - 15 ( or "where the heck did my week go??" )

I've sat down to blog three times this week, and all three times I had to get up and go do something before I was even halfway finished.

Rather than give a day by day, because that would take volumes, I'll offer up a summary.

This week I:
- Cooked food for 100+ people
- Did all of the shopping and prep work for said event
- Mailed out six random packages of stuff to six people, who I feel will better benefit from said
items than I have they'll be surprised when said packages arrive, which for me is the best
part! )
- brought a slew of clothing to a homeless shelter- took a day off from work to make holiday
ornaments, and endedup making an extra two dozen to bring to aretirement facility
- spent three hours on the phone with a friend ( and sucked up a ton of my cell minutes for the
rest of the month ) who needed some moral support and a sympathetic ear
- sent 'just because' cards to some folks.... just because.
- bought some small things for my husband, because food and toys make him happiest
- made dinner for my newly no longer a jailbird kid brother, including buying stuff to make a
sweet potato pie ( something I haven't done since the last Thanksgiving we did with my
mother.. which was in 2004 )

Add in work, school committments and family time, and that explains why I haven't been able to blog. The intent has been there, and the actions are going at full speed, but the ability to slow down and evaluate and report.... not so much.
I'd like to say that things will be slowing down in the coming weeks, but they won't. I have a seven week committment to the school district that will commence on Thursday, but at least that'll only be on Thursdays.Other than this week, anyhow. This week will have training and last minute warm up exercises before we begin.
A new week. More giving, going and doing. It's a bit frantic right now, but it still feels good.