Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Round 2, Days 24, 25 and 26

Day 23 didn't quite go how I wanted it to.
I was clipping along with getting both my chores and Chris's done, and about to strip from my cleaning srubs and slide to Wal Mart to pick up my meds, when my phone rang.
My mother in law needed her hair colored. So I spent the next couple of hours on that instead. Still a give, just not the give I was aiming to complete.

Day 24:
Turned out to be a give for me.
I've been burning the candle at both ends to an extreme, and my immune system finally took a giant crap on me. My sinuses were so back up that my face was visibly swollen, bright red and my neck, jaw and shoulder hurt.
So, I finished up a project that my boss asked me to do, and under her order, went home and went to bed ( after I picked up the prescription that I didn't get to the day before ).
I slept for nearly five hours, ended up missing our annual meeting, and was back in bed for the night for another six hours.
I hated just taking a day off and crashing, but it was needed very badly.
I still feel pretty lousy as I sit here and click away, but it's not nearly as badly as I felt on Monday.

On that note, my sojourn to Ohio proved to me just how awful living in Michigan is for my immune system.
I could breathe the entire time I was there, only sneezed ONCE ( in October that is unheard of for me! ), and didn't even snore.
I could, of course, attribute the latter to barely sleeping, but anyone who has camped out with me, be it away from home or in mine, knows I snore. Loudly.
Thus, this also fuels my theory that my sleep apnea is at least somewhat connected to my constant state of allergic misery.

As much as I NEVER, EVER, EVER want to live in Ohio, I am now staunch in my belief that I need to reside someplace else.
If I have to travel around to find somewhere that isn't too hot for Chris to endure it in the summer months, and will allow me to feel less rotten on a day to day basis, so be it.And if that someplace did turn out to be Ohio.... well, at least it isn't Maryland. I hated Maryland even more than I dislike Ohio.

Day 25:
I wrapped presents!
I am in a swap where we have to buy $15 worth of specific theme goodies. I cannot say what the theme is, because there's a chance that my recipient might read the crosspost on my Blogspot page, but I've spent my pennies well, made some goodies, and wrapped everything in coordinated paper ( now there's a hint for ya! ).
I also worked on handmade ornaments and chatted with the friend who was the recipent from Thursday ( the Vegas weekend ), and was pleased to hear what a wonderful time she had.

In between wrapping gifts and making dinner, I whipped up a Breast Cancer Awareness bag for a friend. An SCS friend loaned me an awesome BCA stamp set and ( made by My Favorite Things - check it out! ) I had it finished in no time.
I'll be making a bottle of lotion and some bath salts... throwing in a bag of sugar free candy and some trail mix and bringing that to her on Friday when I go set up for the flea market.

As part of my flea market project, I purged some scrap / craft supplies that were unopened, and retired them from my stash. As I did that, I pulled more stuff for the precshool, and put it in the bag and box in my trunk.

I made dinner, but it flopped ( something didn't taste right which leads me to believe that my baking emulsifer soured.. YUCK ), printed up some Hobby Lobby coupons and cut into my hobby budget to let Chris get some paints for his Star Wars guys.

And as a wrap up, spent a chunk of the evening tending to a sick kid. Jennah got sick on the bus, so she was miserable from the time she walked in the door, right up until bedtime ( and is still unwell ).

Day 26 ( today):
I'll be aiding at the last of our community cleanups for 2008.
We were able to remove almost SEVEN TONS OF TRASH from our neighborhood at the least Dumpster Day. Hopefully we'll be just as successful this time.
There's an evident lower volume of overall garbage everywhere that is partially contributed to the last clean up... hopefully with this one, our target area will remain clean for the rest of the year, and we can start over anew with the Spring thaw.

Around that, I'll FINALLY be taking stuff over the the preschool. I meant to tote it there on Monday, because we use their facility for the annual meeting, but as I missed it, I'll be making an extra trip today.
It will be nice to see everyone for a few minutes. I've missed that staff terribly.Initially I'd planned to give more of my time there during the school year, but it just hasn't happened that way. Too much to do in too many other directions.

Between those things and tending to a sick kid, my day will be pretty darn full.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to tending to those things!