Monday, August 25, 2008

Day Seven

Today has not been an easy day.

In spite of this, I sat down and willingly worked on my give, and enjoyed it.

I'd missed the last two episodes of 'Prison Break' when the season wrapped up, so I hunkered down with supplies in hand and whipped out two dozen baby sock rosebuds while I watched tv ( usually they are easy, but this baby's gonna have HUGE feet - 3" plus already and she's not due til November - so I had to use larger sized socks ), and prior to that, I started the base for the flowerpots ( for the rosebuds ).

Part of me looks at my checkbook and thinks "I shouldn't be doing this. It's an expense I cannot afford, and Sue would understand if I had to abdicate." but I won't do that. ( but I cannot take on any more facets of the project, no matter what happens )
She wouldn't do that to me, and if I don't, that leaves the project to stumble and a first time mom to have to do the stuff herself, and that isn't fair.

So as much as it pains us financially, I know I am doing the right thing. And the part of me that isn't stressing over paying the bills feels fantastic. It will be a wonderful celebration of new life and a day worth remembering for all who attend.

More freecycle and Craigslist pickups today, wrapping up that process until I feel another urge to purge.

Pardon me if I am not feeling all the warm fuzzy karmic happiness ... I just don't have enough strength in my to put on that kind of game face today.

Have a wonderful evening, all. Tomorrow will be a better day.