Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day Eight

Chris and I rounded up the troops and went to orientation this evening.

As hectic as it is, I always enjoy the process.

Well, not the paperwork, but the reuniting with people I interact with via the builidng but do not see over the summer, and that feeling of a fresh new start to something good.

This is a new building for the boys, and while I am ( and they are, through me ) acclimated with this program as this is Jennah's fourth year there, I feel a twinge of sadness over parting with the staff from the previous school. They're a wonderful group, and I am happy to know that I will still have opportunities via my day job to interact with them, even if on a less consistent schedule.
When I dropped coasters off on Friday, I asked for a sneek peek at the classroom roster, and found out that Miss J had been places with the 'other' third grade teacher. She's nice, and I am sure she's a wonderful educator, but wasn't who Jennah was hoping for and it wasn't who I was hoping for.

I expressed my disappointment to our 'office goddess' ( Cara is so much more than a secretary, and she's an absolute sweetheart of a human being ), and she said she'd put a bug in Pam's ear ( the principal and ultimate roster facilitator ), and lo and behold when we got to the school today, Jennah was in the classroom we'd hoped for.

Being a helpful, active parent definitely pays off! :-)

So everyone was happy, including Jennah's teacher ( who, last year, said he'd hoped that I'd request him because he so enjoyed her when she came in as a helper... it amazes me that so many people find my child to be such a delight when she has such a mouth at home ).

As I wandered from class to class, saying hello, I saw evidence of my handiwork on desks. The coasters were well received and seemingly utilized. A win - win situation for Pam, the staff and myself ( I always fear that my creations will be hated ).

The best part, Iain's teacher and I were talking and it sounds like he'll be in school five days a week, as part of the 'kindergarten plus' program, instead of two and a half days. She asked a couple of questions, watched him for a few minutes ( mind you, she does know us, as she was Jennah's teacher and she's had some fairly recent interaction with Iain because of my being up at the school so much ), and said that they'd hav eto test him to be sure, but he looked like a solid candidiate for the extra help.


I was so frustrated when they released him to regular ed. and left us to fumble with the ball. I don't blame the teachers - I blame Michigan's guidelines - but it sucked and we're been sweating it all summer.
Since Braeden isn't doing a couple of things that he should be ( though he is flying past his age expectancy levels in so many others ), he may get six weeks of extra classroom time as well... we'll see what happens over the next three weeks. But it was Iain I worried about, and now I can rest easy.
And he's six now, and in kindergarten, so as soon as they're done with assessing him, we can get started with the rest of his testing and hopefully get Bubba the help he really needs.

I suppose you'd call that a gift to myself, and to my son, because we've worked really hard to get him where he needs to be, and that hard work is finally paying off.

My gives for today have been in the form of moral support, friendship and participation.

So many people are suffering right now... emotionally, physically, and financially. I have opened myself up where and when I can, and spent time with and on people that I don't usually on a day to day basis.
I had a long conversation with a long distance friend this afternoon. It was wonderful to just sit and chat with her. I know that if she lived closer ( she's halfway across the country from me ), we'd spend an awful lot of time together and be that much better for it.

Part of our school program is a volumteer coupon book. Last year, each family was supposed to fill out and complete acts for three of the offered options. Some are as simple as donating a couple of two liter bottles of soda, and some are year long, ongoing projects. It's entirely up to the individual as to what they participate in.
This year, it went up to four coupons, because not every family participates ( though we are supposed to, it's not strictly enforced ). I know that if I opted to do only one or two, or even none, I could get away with it... my name is on one of those tickets as an event coordinator, but that just doesn't feel right to me.
I opted for easy outs on a couple of them, but for the other two, I deliberately chose things that would require serious and sincere effort from me when called upon, even if they are not daily or even weekly activities ( more than a one time deal, but not an 'all the time' project ).

There's a coupon in there for Family Support.. you can sign up for child care, transportation, assisting with food/ clothing ( we have a crew that makes dinner for families who members take ill, new babies, or whatever, for about two weeks ), notes / cards of encouragement or financial assistance.
I know it'll be a taxing pain in the rear if I sign up for that one... it borders on hectic sometimes, especially over the holidays... but something tells me that I should.
I have until Monday night to decide, as the paperwork has to be back in with the kids on Tuesday morning.
...for now, I am beckoned to the shower... it's been a long day and my back and hip are killing me.
Have a wonderful night, all.