Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day Nine

Today's give won't be fully utilized until tomorrow, and it's kind of a two part deal.

I spent the evening making stuffed shells for my husband to bring to work. Two pans full, to share with the fellas on the job site.
I don't mind doing it, but shells are one of the three most time consuming dishes that I make, and as I was getting a late start on them anyhow, it probably wasn't the best choice to double up the batch and have them for dinner, too

My kids love them, and rarely get them because of the expense and effort required to complete the dish.
They looked so excited when they saw me tossing pasta into the boiling water, I simply couldn't refuse.In spite of eating dinner about an hour later than we've been accustomed to, it was enjoyed by everyone, myself included.

Not the best food for my diet, but it was worth it to have dinner as a family, instead of mom opting to eat an alternative food ( doesn't happen every night but with pasta and such I try to decline ).

We had a small slice of good fortune today: Chris' pay scale raise was put into effect on this check, and they included an increment that was backdated to July 1st. It only amounted to $72 ( thirty cents an hour doesn't do a whole lot week by week but it adds up at the end of the year ), but it's money that we didn't have yesterday, and it's enough to pay off the final installment of Chris' E.R. bill and fuel up the Focus.
That's enough to make me happy. I still have to look at what we have and make it go more places than we have money to put into them, but it's a start, and I am grateful for that.

It's bedtime for me... good night, all.