Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, it's official.

I need some Nestabilities. NOW.

I've put off becoming one of the Spellbinders addicts for many reasons. Space, being the chief answer, and expense following right behind.

My justification for the past few months has been waiting for the only store in town that has the multi-pack to have their 25% off storewide sale.
That sale has not yet happened (or I completely missed it, which is possible).

And then I said "Oh, I'll just wait for Mega Meet and pick them up for a decent price there".

As I am the queen of the land of WillNotBuyUnlessOnSale, that concept rests comfortably in my mind, knowing that somewhere in the Rock Financial Showplace there will be a set waiting for me, and my checkbook will be singing because I invested what amounts to jack squat when compared to regular retail price.

Last night, however, I found a flaw in my plan.

I have a project staring me in the face that requires an oval, in a size which I currently do not own.

After spending an hour ( okay, twenty minutes, but that's because my overpacked space is organized, darn it! There's an hour's worth of sorting neatly filed into one drawer ) sifting through what I have on hand, I found that I do not own what I need to move towards completion.

Anyone who knows me knows what this means. *insert stock footage of screaming woman and stampeding mob here*

I will be out today, hunting, and will probably end up paying more for it than if I patiently waited for an envelope to arrive in my mailbox from one of the numerous online retailers who offer said product as a reasonable rate.

Patience, however, is not in my repetoire.

However, other obligatons will prevent me from making a day long adventure out of my efforts (something which my son will be grateful for, I'm sure. By store number three on Mommy's Errand Day, Braeden is done and would probably stuff me into a cart and leave me in a remote corner in Wal Mart if he had the brawn to match his brains, and the ability to reach the gas pedal and still see over the steering wheel).

And (said with a sigh) I have to do something difficult later, and unfortunately for anyone who reads this, you all will get to 'hear' about it, because sometimes things are best resolved when pen is put to paper (or in this case, fingers to keyboard).

For now I leave you with the idea that I will return home, triumphant, prize in tow, grinning like a kid on too much sugar, eager to take on the next hurdle...

How to use the damned things. 'Cause I haven't a clue.

But unlike a man, I'm willing to say "that's what instructions are for!" and remember that when in doubt, one can always fall back on an Exacto blade or a sledge hammer to finish the job.