Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Pointless Purchase... for Now.

Remeber, last week, when I said that I had to have a set of Nesties?

Well, I bought them.

Hobby Lobby coupon in hand, I secured my ovals (which turned out to be cheaper than either of the reasonable online retailers I'd have bought them from, when you factor in shipping), and came away from the purchase quite satisfied.
Upon returning home, I opened my newest investment and decided to allign the largest oval with the image I so desired to utilize it for.

It's too gosh darn small!!! (the Nestie, I mean. Not the image.)

So it was back to square one until the weekend, when (now armed with a Michaels coupon, of course) I bought an alternate template (curse you, Fiskars. I just can't quit you... ) and am mentally reworking the project a wee bit, to work with the substitution.

After posting about the process, and all this griping, I'll have to post the completed effort, no matter how awful it turns out to be in the end.

Speaking of completed efforts, the self imposed February challenge for my (and Misty's, to give credit where credit it due, as it was our midday phone call brainchild) 'Procrastinators, No More!' thread was to "breathe new life into something old".
The something that I chose was a shelf that I'd intended to use in my daughter's room.

It was painted white, went up for a little while, and then sat awaiting usage.
It awaits usage no more, and just a shelf turned into sprucing up her whole room.

That, however, is a blog for a later time (after dinner and Ward's eye appointment, if I can help it), because there'll be some photos involved.