Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Outing Pt. 2

I took a slew of photos at the cottage, but when I got home, I weeded many of them out, deleted about half, and only need to post a few on here to convey the idea.

That being said...

The very first thing that Jennah asked to do when we got to Turk Lake ( actually before we even left the park ) was to go fishing.

Since it was too early in the day for a catch, she opted to join her brothers in an hour or so of splashing and shell hunting.

While I snapped photos and hung out inside with Chris' dad
( we were the smart ones, I think! ), Chris and his mom
played deck chair bunnies and soaked up some rays.

Eventually, Jennah coreced her grandfather into taking her out in the boat, and Chris scooped up the boys for a ride around the lake
in the paddleboat. Perfect way to keep everyone busy.

Everyone except yours truly, of course.

After a week long marathon of planning events for work,
spending most of Friday outside at Taste of GR, drudging out
afterwards to wait in line for hours at Toyr R US for the Star Wars figure release hoopla, and prepping for other weekend plans,
I was ready to have a few moments of just doing nothing, even if it was along side a weed infested, snapper turtle haven of a lake in a cow town.

If nothing else, the view is nice, and when we can duck out, the Turk Lake Bar offers up some damn tasty cheeseburgers.

Truth be told, I'm happiest just watching the kids do this stuff.
They love spending time at the cottage, and Chris is rather
attached to that place himself ( I think we'd be up there nearly
every weekend if it wasn't an intrusion on his parents ), whereas
this princess is NOT a lake swimmer if I can help it.
The muck and mire I can live with, but I hate feeling fish brush against me, and the incessant nipping... hello!! I am NOT your dinner, bub!

Plus, this way, I get to take the photos to preserve the memories
for when they're grown and I'm long since dead ( not intended to be
as morbid as it sounds, I assure you ).

Grandpa brought the boat in to the dock to round up the rest of the willing troops to go back out for a ride around the lake... as you can tell from the photograph, Iain was ready to go, whereas Miss
Jennah was most displeased that her brothers and father were
intruding upon her fun.

That went quite well, until Braeden decided to give us all a scare when the boat came back to shore.
Instead of waiting for Daddy's help to exit the boat properly, he tried to do it himself, resulting in slipping and falling between the boat and the dock.

I though for sure he'd come up floating face down, unconscious and bleeding.

Hands down, THE fastest I'd ever made it from the inside of the cottage to the lakefront.

By the time I got down there, Braedy had righted himself and was happily dog paddling towards shore. ( mere seconds, amazingly )
I scooped him up, and immediately started looking for lacerations and goose eggs. He didn't seem the least bit concerned, justifying his maneuver with "I wanted to swim back instead of walking on the dock, Mom".
Thankfully, upon inspection, all he got out of it were a pair of scrapes on his arm, no biggger than a nickel apiece, and a small bruise ( which two days later, is now gone ) on his cheek ( and a swatted behind from his father for scaring the bejeezus out of everyone ).

I swear, that kid has nine lives. Between that, two near misses with autos out front before he learned to stay away from the street, and almost falling down the dumbwaiter shaft at the Lexicon... well someone, somewhere, is watching over him, that's for sure!

After things quieted down ( somewhere in the midst Chris'
grandparents arrived as well ), and the kids were fed, we
headed back outside to clean up the beach toys and start packing for home.
As we were doing so, a family of swans came paddling up.
Apparently Mrs. Purdue next door feeds them almost daily,
so the show up at dusk, looking for dinner. ( this time with a duck along for the mooch )

The kids thought that was neat - after all, swans don't usually come within twenty feet of people, let alone less than ten, but they soon found out how incredibly sour the disposition of a swan tends to be, especially with cygnets in tow.

Somehow I managed to get within swatting distance of the male for a decent photo.
What I didn't get was how he flapped, hissed and freaked out
as soon as the flash went off ( I was too busy backing up
to avoid being throttled ), thus learning that seven feet between myself and a very large, very cranky bird is definitely NOT enough!

From there, we packed up and headed out, made a Wal Mart stop so that Iain could spend some of his well gotten gains, and Chris could inspect their crop of Star Wars.

There are undoubtedly worse ways to spend a Sunday, but I can't help feeling like I need a weekend to recover from our weekend!