Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Outing Pt. 1

This will be posted in two or three stages, depending on how many photos I can get to fit into one blog...

Firstoff, there will be little to not photos of Jennah in this. She was having one of her days where nothing made her happy and heaven forbid we ask her to particpate or aim a camera in her face. ( so very much my child... horomones will be a delight in a couple of years.. )

For the start of our Sunday, we forfeit the ulster fry of the normal
weekend routine, and packed up to head north to Greenvile, for the Cook / Olsen family reunion.

Much food was consumed ( I was very good and only had one piece
of cherry cheesecake... and a most unusual citrus hinted cake / bar thingy, sprinkled with choclate chips and and tasted like heaven.
Could've eaten a dozen of those and been quite satisfied. But I didn't. Yay willpower!! )

As you can see from the photos, Iain was rather pleased with his
desert selections ( I think he had four in total ), though his eyes
were bigger than his tummy.
Grandpa offered to lend a hand with the 'making room' process.

Limited amusement to be had for the small children, but the
playground, though a bit of a hike away, offered some solace.

The boys, of course, had to con Grandma into coming over to play with them. She didn't seem to mind, however.

From there, it was on to the monkey-0lympics ( as I call them ).
Money hunt, sack races, water balloon tosses, bean bags... kept the kids busy for about an hour.

At the end of the day, Iain came away quiet successful; he found nearly six dollars in the sawdust pile for the money hunt ( all but a buck was in change ), won the bean bag toss and came away
with playing cards and another dollar from that, and was quite
pleased with himself.

All the kids get something for playing to keep it fair, so Braeden had quite a haul himself, being most proud of his new train book and hislovely new sunglasses.

By 4:00 the kids ( and I! ) had their fill of frolicking in the sun
and felt the need to retire to someplace with alternative options -
for them, it meant water and me, shade and a roof!

Since Chris' mom had phoned that morning and invited us back to the cottage for a post reunion weenie roast and swim ( and it's literally around the corner and down the road from the park ), it offered the perfect solution...

...more mundane rambling, along with photos Family Outing Pt. 2