Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A much delayed post

I've attempted to post this for over a week now... and you see how well that's gone thus far.

Anyhow, long story short, I am quite pleased with this project.

Cara, the 'Office Goddess' at Miss J's school, is beyond invaluable, and often goes unappreciated in the grand scheme of things.
So, when I started doing things for Teacher Appreciation Day ( which is also Staff Appreciation week for our district ), I bought plants for the office staff ( and utilized the super cute metal buckets that I 'had to have' from $1 Spot at Target a few months back ), but a plant on Cara's desk... well, the poor thing would get swallowed in the vast sea of post its, files and hall passes.

So I whipped together the altered frap pack. Gave me a good excuse to use up some of the lotion and bath salts I'd made for another project a while back, and, I'd hoped, allowed me to give Cara something somewhat personal that she would enjoy ( we've become rather social and well acquainted over the past three years ).

She LOVED it. ( yay!! )

Turns out that I should have made one for the other two ladies in the office, too. They liked Cara's gift better than their own.

Nothing like breathing easy after a job well done.

Made for a crazy six day run. Between the post it note pads, flying through some swaps, and all the general chaos of everyday life... well, I'm glad it's over!