Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm ready for a slow down

Our home has hit "too darn busy".

My boss went into the hospital last week... during contract adminsitration week ( or what we call "leave Nola the hell alone because nothing is worse that CDBG paperwork" week ), which meant that I had to 'play Nola' around trying to get everything else done.

Chris had a one day layoff.... ordinarily not so bad, except that he was sick two days last week, and I had him leave early one of the two days that he did work ( because I HAD TO work and he was limping along doing cleaning ) thanks to Iain sprinting off the bus, dashing for the bathroom, and power puking ( yuck! ).

And Jane is having an urgent surgery in two days, so she was busy doing everything that she needs to do to be caught up while she is laid up for at least a week.

PTSA tonight, two resident meetings tomorrow night, track on Wednesday PLUS all the CDBG hairy insanity....

When do I get some time to myself???

I sat down and worked on swaps this weekend. I was so mentally drained that I either damaged stuff ( so much for gel cards ) or it sucked.
But they're done, and it's passable work ( eg: still better than some of the stuff I've seen submitted as best work.. not to be egotsitical, because I know I'm not that good, but I'm just sayin'.. ) and will be gone to their respecive temporary homes this afternoon.

As soon as things are less nuts, I am taking a day to MYSELF.

No kids, no work, no husband. NO responsibilities. Just going away and doing nothing.

Now the trick is, finding time to make it happen.

*insert swear words here*