Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nutty Saturday Goodness

Yet again, I must thank MommyParties for selecting me to be a hostess for one of the fabulous events.
This time, the featured product was Nutella, a delicious hazelnut and cocoa spread. At first, I was skeptical. It's food, but it's an uncommon food. One that my kids love to eat and one that I just knew that other kids would love, too, if I could get some parents to give it a chance.

So I invited a bevvy of moms (and a couple of dads, because sometimes the dad is the dynamic for the shopping and meal planning... we have quite a few stay at home or work at home dads in our circle of friends), planned a small feast of a brunch, and let the fun commence! The brunch was held on March 19th, as Saturdays seem to work best for our schedules.

In my circle of friends and associates I have several vegetarians. The two in attendance were very receptive to the product. I also had one family of gluten free eaters join us - none of whom had ever tried Nutella. Mom went to Meijer after the brunch wrapped up, saw Nutella on sale 2/$7 and promptly used the coupon from her goodie bag.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the spread of the morning, and while a couple of people seemed a little reluctant, there were no complaints about the taste, two new confirmed households of consumers, and a lot of happy people and full tummies when it was over.

Thank you again, MommyParties and Nutella for allowing me to host. Best part for me: I have about half of the huge jar of Nutella left over. My kids are in seventh heaven!