Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Slacking Again, and Kudos Galore

So much happens, and there is never enough hours in a day to post even half of it.

In fairly recent news, and as many people have already heard, Jennah had a piece submitted into the citywide art display at the UICA.
Miss J has quite the creative apitiude, and her art teacher, Mrs. Ford, does much credit in that she brings it out of Jennah and enables her to shine.

I can quite proudly say that the nut didn't fall far from the tree, and for once it doesn't relate to something obnoxious and sexist that my boys have inherited from their father.

Rather than ramble in my usual fashion, I will close with two photos; one of Miss J next to her piece (which, for clarification is her cat, Dinah and an expanded theme), and of of Jennah with Mrs. Ford.

I love that my kid is artsy and nerdy. If she continues on this path, she'll be a well rounded young lady.

*it's hard to see, but the row of brown across the top is a string of pet mice.

One more thing, before I forget... Mrs. Ford gave me aheads up on something... all of Frost's students with exhibited pieces will receive a ceremonious nod and a plaque during the Monday morning meeting the day that school resumes.

Good thing that I had to go to the school last Thursday. I wouldn't want to miss that!


Sarah said...

Congrats to Jennah for her artistic accomplishments! How exciting to have her work chosen for display!
The pics of her are darling, and I love her artwork- especially those pet mice all along the top. (Normally I am not a big fan of mice, but those are adorable!) Way to go, Jennah- we are so proud of you!